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Gyrocopters: Discovering a New Flying Experience via the Gyrocopter

Gyrocopters for sale

Gyrocopters for sale

A gyrocopter is nothing like a plane or a helicopter, but rather a fine hybrid piece of rotary machinery that uses propellers and not wings to fly. Also known as an autogyro or gyroplane, the gyrocopter is the perfect example of a rotorcraft combined with a fixed wing mechanism. Even though it will not even come close to the speed you can reach via a small airplane or helicopter, the truth is that it has the advantage of offering you full control during the flights. Let us examine what makes the gyrocopter flying experience so special.

First of all, when flying a gyrocopter you will be at a height that allows you to see very clearly what is happening on the ground. While the airplanes usually fly around fifteen hundred or two thousand feet above ground, the gyrocopter can take you as high as twelve hundred feet above ground level. However, if you do not want to miss the amazing sceneries on the ground, it is indicated to keep it at eight hundred feet. These relatively low flying distances are usually recommended for the rare cases of engine failure, when you need to make an emergency landing. Nonetheless, purchasing a gyrocopter from the right retailer or manufacturer will make this unpleasant eventuality most unlikely.

Advantages of Gyrocopters

One of the advantages the gyrocopter has over the winged aircrafts is that it provides more leverage for performing quick turns and more maneuverability. Since the gyrocopter has rotors instead of wings, you will not be able to spin with it. On the other hand, you will be able to do as many steep turns as you wish. Moreover, this rotary device will allow you to linger closer to the ground than any other winged aircraft. Nothing compares to watching a traffic jam or holdup while you are enjoying the complete freedom of flying your gyrocopter.

Since the gyrocopter flies at a lower distance from the ground and does not reach the high speeds of helicopters and airplanes, it is considered one of the safest aircrafts. This is why the gyrocopter is the ideal aircraft for people that are scared of flying into the open. While it is true that you can just as easily fly it in closed cockpits, you will have nothing to lose if you let the gyrocopter give you that wind in the hair feeling.

It is important to note that because it uses rotors and not wings, the gyrocopter is not affected by the air conditions that much. More exactly, the rotating flying system will slice the air and not pose resistance and hence, you will not feel any turbulence while flying the gyrocopter. Therefore, if the bumpy rides give you a real scare, then the gyrocopter is the right aircraft for you. While it is completely safe and does not present the same characteristics that make most people scared of flying, the gyrocopter is also a machine that will add more fun into your flights.

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